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The Glass Slippers

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The real story…of a girl who is brave, strong, clever, and determined to prove herself.
The real story…about a lonely prince, a new family and sisters who might not be as bad as you think.

The real story…of everyday objects that change with a touch of magic and a clock that at the stroke of midnight changes everything. 

This is the real story…of Cinderella and the glass slippers! 

Tutti Frutti Productions re-imagines this classic story, with some new twists and turns to make you chuckle and inspire your real self to shine through.
With a top team of actor musicians, songs, dancing, and inventive design, all thrown in with a bit of sparkle and magic for good measure! 

(tutti frutti are able) to captivate little people with the most imaginative and creative of shows. kickbacktimes.co.uk 

Anyone who enjoys a charming, funny, inventive afternoon at the theatre will be sure to come out with a grin on their face. British Theatre Guide

They understand younger children and their need for joy! Bankside Primary School

They provide wonderful performances for school children. They incorporate live instruments, dance, and charm to bring their story to life. Marathon Center for the Performing Arts 

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