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Fail, Fail, Fail, Fail, Win!

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A family comic theatre and circus show. For humans. Mark and Loz are circus performers. But circus is REALLY hard. FailFailFailFailWin! is a show about not hiding all the “try”s you did that didn’t work.
Includes a cast of puppet friends: professor Steven Chimpington – scientist, raconteur, critic; and Colin the Crab, anarchist, physical theatre practitioner (LeCoq trained), oh and of course Phyllis the haunted hulahoop.
Featuring such fails and possibly wins in the mediums of diabolo, juggling, hulahoop, skipping-rope, and an attempt to spin 8 real VERDAGEN ikea plates, retail value £2 each. Total economic jeopardy = £16. Plus shipping.
Age guide: great for 3-10 year olds. Unsuitable for 15 year olds. And we’re strict on that. Great for everybody else.

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